The Importance of Bedside Lamps

You should never underestimate the importance of lighting in any room but it is hugely important in a bedroom. If you’ve ever seen an American romantic comedy then you will no doubt have come across a scene where the woman would rather have the bedroom lights turned off entirely than show her body in an unflattering light.

Of course alternative bedroom lighting is important for more reasons than confidence, it is never a good idea to solely rely on ceiling lighting as not only is it unflattering but you have very little control over how the room looks with it on. Instead it is a better decision to use lamps that can be placed wherever is convenient and you can also make something of a feature of them too. The classic placement of lamps is of course at the bedside, but don’t be afraid to experiment with light levels as the likes of floor lighting can all help to create a dramatic and comfortable feel.

If possible, one of the best decisions when buying lighting is to make it adjustable. This involves using a dimmer switch but it is well worthwhile and has an immediate effect on the look of the room. Some of the best advice when it comes to buying additional lighting for your bedroom is understanding what the purpose of the lamps is.

For those who want a good reading lamp then you should be looking for choices that offer a good amount of task lighting so that you aren’t straining your eyes. Consider the height of your bedside table; the lamp should reach your eye level when you are sat up in bed but the light should be directed at you lap rather than towards your eyes. There are plenty of adjustable lamps that make this easily achievable.

Let us not forget that while lamps are traditionally for a functional purpose, they are perhaps most commonly used now as a decorative tool. They are a way in which you can illuminate specific areas or not have to simply rely upon ceiling lighting and also a way to bring symmetry to a room when in a similar style to the bedside table and other accessories.

In order to create balance in a room you have to be aware of its size and style. If you are looking to add lighting to a large room then it is important to recognise that large bedside lamps are a far better choice than smaller ones. On the flip side, buying large lamps for a small room is a definite mistake too.

Having mentioned the size of the lamps it is important not to be too concerned with a lamps height, what is most important is the placement of the lamp and where it shines. If you are using your lamps by your bedside then it is a common rule that you should not have the lamp more than 20 inches away from the mattress. Regardless don’t get too caught up on rules and have a bit of fun with your bedside lamps!